Coastal Becky lg & md
Product ID : 6531/6532cast
Hard handled shoulder baskets
Product ID : h6228m-h6227m
Nantucket Map Basket
Product ID : 6530-kala
Rehobeth individual
Product ID : 6801
Rehobeth - set of 3 baskets
Product ID : 6800
QB basket - set of 3
Product ID : 6900
Call for price
Coastal Beverly Zip Basket-large
Product ID : 6234C
Coastal Half Moon Basket: large
Product ID : 6231c
Coastal Beverly Zip Basket-small
Product ID : 6233C
Coastal Cocktail Basket
Product ID : 6230C
Coastal Shoulder Basket
Product ID : 6227C-6228C
Coastal Topless Bali Bow
Product ID : 6702_6703_6704C
Bali Basket - Topless
Product ID : 6602tl
Coastal Shorty Basket
Product ID : 6225C-6226C
Coastal Becky mini
Product ID : 6530C
Shorty Baskets
Product ID : 6226m-6225m

Our handmade, straw basket purses and totes are decorated in the USA. We accentuate their simple natural beauty with monograms, ribbons, and accessories to create an unusual and chic handbag for each client. We offer many combinations for you to choose from and many of our bags are one of a kind.

You have the choice of four different sizes of straw basket handbags and shoulder bags. Choose the color combination of your liking for a monogram bag or solid color ribbon with one of our beautiful beach castings.

If you're a 'BOW' girl then we also offer handmade straw baskets with simple, top quality, 2" wide grosgrain ribbon bows. Our bows come in many colors and the baskets can be used as a handbag or a gift basket. We love them at Easter or to carry our wine bottles as a great 'thank you' for dinner!